The Rifkin Family Foundation

P. O. Box 10

South Hadley, Massachusetts 01075-0010




To Whom It May Concern:


The Rifkin family has a long history of philanthropy extending back over 75 years, giving to the arts, sciences, medicine, religious and charity and relief organizations.


Our selection committee meets twice a year and determines where our substantial donations of time, money and resources are allocated. We like to examine organizations 501(C)(3) and 990 fillings before making a decision.


We have found that many organizations spend a disproportionate amount of their income fund raising. Because of this, we will no longer accept requests by mail or telephone.

In fact if we do receive mail requests, the organization is placed on our disqualified list.


So thank you for sending us a request, but please save your organization some time and money and do not attempt to solicit us again as your organization is now on our “Disqualified List”.



Yours truly,

Alan Rifkin


Rifkin Family Foundation